And so this journey began…

Hello everyone, this is my first blog. I have a a lot of topics written down that I will be talking about in future blogs. For the first one, I thought I’d start with my journey and how I got started.

First and foremost, I must give thanks and credit to the man who has stood by me every step of the way of this whole journey, my boyfriend Ramsey. If it wasn’t for him, I would have never pursued modeling. To be in this industry, it’s very important to have support and encouragement. In the past, I was always in the type of relationships that would never support anything like this. So to me, it means the world to have my partner in crime by my side every step of the way. He is my team! 🙂 My mom has also been a huge support and I thank her for always encouraging me.

So how did I get started?? Well, after I got my 2nd breast augmentation, I was asked by my surgeon if I would like to be patient of the month and do a free photo shoot with their photographer. To rewind a bit, I had been patient of the month 3 years prior after my first BA surgery and loved doing the first shoot, but that was when I was in my past relationship where I literally had to sneak a bikini out of the house for that shoot (true story). Anyway, I was very excited to be patient of the month again just to be able to do another shoot, and this time I was in a much better situation where I could be comfortable and not feel guilty about wearing a bikini. After the shoot when I was able to see the pictures and show Ramsey, he said “Babe, those are sooo hot, you should seriously think about modeling.” I felt a huge confidence boost and was really happy to hear that from someone who wanted to support something I had always wanted to do. With that being said, I started looking up photographers, and found one I knew I for sure wanted to shoot with. I immediately messaged him and told him how much I loved his work and I wanted to do a shoot with him. Shortly after, we were able to set something up and that’s where it all started. I really enjoyed working with him and how the pictures came out. I wanted to post one on my personal Instagram page at the time (before misslynniemarie was created) so I carefully chose one that I thought was appropriate for my page, Yes I was in lingerie but I really didn’t think it was a big deal; I mean it’s no more revealing than a bikini, but I was sure wrong, lol. Let’s just say, on your personal Instagram page, all your family members, co-workers, boss, and whoever knows you personally usually follows you right?? Yeahhhhh, so long story short, this was when MissLynnieMarie was created. 🙂

Misslynniemarie, ok this is new and exciting, now how the hell do I get followers? I used to follow girls that had like 18K followers and I would think how the hell do they do it? It must take forever to get that many. Well, that’s when one of those model share pages hit me up after they shared one of my pics that did really well. They asked if I had another account or something because they couldn’t figure out why I only had 90 followers. They then gave me some tips on how to make a post look professional and to make sure I hashtag since thatss the way to get your posts out there. I quickly picked up on how to do all that and my page started growing organically.

From there on out it was all about consistency and constantly having new quality content to post. I started working with another photographer that messaged me on my old page before Misslynniemarie. We started shooting consistently and before I knew it, my page was growing really fast and continued as I posted new stuff all the time. Photographers kept messenging me which was great because I felt like I must have been doing something right. I continued to create content with other photographers along the way and still shot consistently with my main photographers. Side note, as a model, it’s really important to shoot with a good variety of photographers so you have different content all the time, However, it’s also really good to have a few that you work with as your main photographers because they are the ones you become most comfortable with when shooting and your stuff always comes out badass. I have shot with so many amazing and talented photographers and I thank them all so much and always make sure to give photo credit because they deserve the credit for capturing the image. It’s all team work after all.

So that is how I got started and how my page grew, and continues to, as I approach almost 1 million in less than 2 years. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I have had so far because of my social media page. Since I’m not represented by an agency, social media is how I have gotten all my work in this industry so far and it’s been such a fun journey. I have learned so much from it all and its been very interesting. I thank all of you who follow me, and my followers that have followed me from the very beginning. It means a lot when the work that is created is appreciated. 🙂 I’m excited about this new site and blog so I hope you all enjoy 🙂

xo- Lynnie